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I help people grow their capacity for a vibrant life.


Therapy has given you the ability to move forward in the world, but now you’re at a point where you are unpacking your true Self.

You are wanting to enjoy life and realize there are unconscious blindspots that are keeping you stagnant.

You are looking to have greater capacity to live your life as you deserve to live it versus the external definitions of what you have been told you “should” want or do.

You have struggled with spiritual bypassing, anxiety, depression, burnout, and codependency (over-giving).

You have been looking for a therapeutic approach that values gentle efficacy as well as creative livable outcomes.

You are a conscious parent who is struggling with the transitions and ups and downs of parenthood and you want to find ways to accept the fullness of the parenting experience and to enjoy your life.

You are an individual, exploratory and process-oriented, and you have been on a journey of self healing and integrating your body, soul, and psyche.

You are interested in a gentle relational approach with healthy boundaries that incorporate contemplation, reflection, learning, mild movement, and a consistent presence to the witnessing of your supported growth.

You are looking to grow from the inside out and feel the importance of ancestral healing as well as heart centered living. No longer following hard or rigid steps but growing your own Inner Knowing.

This work is for you.

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Hi I'm Claudia

I am a mother, wife, coach and someone who has spent 20 years working in the intersections of counseling, psychotherapy, case management, spiritual guidance, energy work and somatics. 


The bodies of work that I am primarily affiliated with now are Organic Intelligence and strengthening the Healer Within, however I am not a purist. Through grounded attunement with my clients, I work in the direction of what is needed and integrating for any given person.

How I found my way to this work:

Since very early on in life I knew I wanted to be a healer and  therapist. 


Wounded by intergenerational trauma and finding healing through creative expression, dance, therapy and mindfulness practices, it catapulted me into a rich world of personal growth and knowing this work is worthy of sharing with people.


In college I knew I wanted to further explore the psyche and how this human spirit lives in this human body and life. I attended The New School of Social Research where I received my BA in Psychology. Also, working as a case manager in a children's psychiatric unit in New York taught me early on how when the soul and psyche are fractured how hurtful it can be but not impossible to integrate with support from a variety of healing resources.

After graduating with my BA I was moving deeply into a meditative yogic approach. I lived in an Ashram in Upstate New York for a short time. It was a powerful experience that nourished me in wonderful ways, and yet at the same time I was aware that it wasn’t totally sustainable for me to live that way. 


I left New York and went to graduate school at Antioch University in Los Angeles to get my  Masters in Psychology, with an emphasis in Community Psychology, as a Marriage and Family Therapist. That training was a great experience but also a demanding one. I was doing  internships, completing my 3000 hours of client hours under supervision, training in psychodrama, working at a homeless shelter in Venice Beach for dually diagnosed people, community college guidance counselor, and a bilingual (Spanish speaking) therapist in downtown L.A.; As well as teaching yoga and energy therapy classes and workshops. Unsurprisingly, I needed a lot of self care to replenish me during the intensity of that time. I re-engaged with my spiritual practices there and trained in Kundalini Yoga at Yoga West in Los Angeles.


When my husband and I were ready to start a family and change up the intensity of our life in Los Angeles, we made the move to Sedona where we have lived since 2009.


What I have discovered on my own path is how important balance is. The positives of spirituality are about a focus beyond the suffering and pain. That expansiveness and connection with intuition or with communing with things beyond yourself to guide you through life can give a sense of freedom and possibility, rather than prescribing some concretized way of being. 


That can be very strong and clear if you are also able to be in relationship to and take care of your body. With too much emphasis on spirituality, people can get very attached to signs, symbolism, messages, and sensations without fully examining if what is happening to the body and if that might be a trauma response  or a true spiritual experience. Many empaths struggle with hyper awareness that bleeds into their knowing life and if not properly regulated can become a tangled knot of where one ends and others begin. The reverse can be said about individuals who only believe what is in front of them and need to explore beyond factual or concretized based thinking and expand their energy bodies. We are individuals as well as collective members of a social consciousness, and that affects how we nurture ourselves. 


We are affected by the world we live in and it leaves an imprint in our biology. On my own path I found that the somatic piece, or returning to the intelligence of one’s own body and truly inhabiting it, is a whole new relationship and I find it to  be very grounding and clarifying. It has created healthy natural boundaries that have arisen organically, versus mental constructs of safety. I believe the path of personal growth leads us into being empathic and more connected to our instinctual, primal self. Becoming fully embodied in transcendent groundedness, while more fully inhabiting our heart and integrating our soul within our body.

Career highlights

  • BA Psychology, The New School of Social Research

  • Case Manager, Children's Psychiatric Unit, Elmhurst Hospital, New York, NY

  • MA Clinical Psychology, focus Community Psychology, Antioch University

  • Counselor/MFT Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA

  • Counselor/MFT El Camino Counseling Center, Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

  • Intake Coordinator/Case Manager St. Joseph Center, Santa Monica, CA

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Meditation Facilitator, Certified Kundalini Yoga at Yoga West, RYT-Yoga Alliance

  • Integrated Energy Therapy ® Master Instructor

  • Trained at The Psychodrama Institute of L.A.

  • Narrative Therapy Counseling Services of Los Angeles

  • In Training for Organic Intelligence Coaching Certification (2023-2024)

  • Irene Lyons 21 Day Nervous System Course

  • Kimberly Johnson, Jaguar Course

  • Jungian Somatics with Jane Clapp​ Course

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What is a first session like? 

We move slowly at the beginning because we are getting to know one another and to develop gentle trust. One thing that is different than in therapy is the rhythm of the sessions: While there is engagement and inquiry of course, there is also pausing for exploration. This is to create a space for a feeling to move through and to be able to help dial in certain feelings as it moves through the client. There are more frequent check-ins at the beginning of working together, more learning around how to track the body and the moment. Paying attention to the body's responses as well as the psyches' deeper, meaningful messages.

What are later sessions like?

The intention of this work is to be able to practice it on your own in your life outside of our sessions together. So in later sessions clients already understand what orienting is and they can do it on their own because they are able to better self assess. It becomes more about the real time experience of what’s happening in the moment as we work to bridge some releases from what is getting activated and assisting in growing the clients capacity.

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Other frequently asked questions:

What is Organic Intelligence?


In the words of founder Steven Hoskinson, “To work with trauma, we must first learn to work without it”. Organic Intelligence is a way to attune to yourself, others, and your environment and to lean into your own natural rhythm of regulation and that it exists within you. 

I’ve never really heard of this kind of work, what do people gain from it?


People report things like more intimacy with their partners, children and any other significant people in their lives. They experience clearer communication and a deeper connection. They feel much more solid in understanding and compassion for themselves and for the people in their life too. People also often describe embracing a gentle assertion: That they feel confident taking steps of speaking their voice and don’t feel like they need to push or be prickly or aggressive in order to do that. Additionally, this work brings you into a better relationship with your body and psyche while allowing for cycles and rhythms to be reengineered.  

How often do we meet?


Most people meet with me once per week. If we've worked together for a while we can have sessions farther apart  such as a drop in session or a few clustered sessions together.


How long do we work together?


Most people work with me weekly for about 10 to 12 months and then the sessions get spread farther apart. There is no hard and fast rule on this, so that’s just a ballpark idea of what is common.


When will I feel “better”?


Learning to live with discomfort is a part of this work and a part of being human. Having better management and self regulation is the “goal” of this work and is what allows you to feel better. Once you start diffusing the intensity with this work, better starts popping up more day to day. But of course there is no way to really time stamp when that will happen for anyone as it depends on many factors, and this work is respectful of how much your system wants to process at any given time. 

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I have worked with Claudia on and off for four years so far, many times going months in which I would see her weekly so we could really progress. I believe the length of time I have chosen to invest in myself and our work together is testimony itself to the caliber, quality, and effectiveness of her work. I love her Somatic approach to our work. I truly believe the body or "soma" is a terrific way to approach my healing work. She is also deeply intuitive, wise beyond her years, empowering and weaves in years of experience from other modalities and training. Everyone's life is different, but Claudia is excellent at tuning into exactly what you need. With NO reservation I highly recommend her. You will know if you're the right fit for each other and like me, it might just be one of the best things you've ever done for yourself and your life.


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Have more questions? Feel free to reach out. 

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