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Water your roots so your soul can blossom.

I offer a reimagined approach to traditional therapies.

Your bio-energetic system knows what you need to move forward in your life. You might just need support remembering its language.

Building trust with your natural somatic innate intelligence allows you to integrate your mind, body and heart.

Discovering how to access it is vital for change.

How do we know what helps?

In this brief talk I discuss how to better understand the ways a healing path can lead to cul-de-sacs, and how to navigate instead from understanding what true progress, true healing, feels like. 

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Practice Philosophy

People often begin working with me by reporting that some part of them knows that there needs to be access to something better. They want some relief from chronic stress patterns, but they don’t know how to get that relief and have already tried and exhausted many different avenues.


The support that I offer is primarily oriented around igniting the fire of your own internal voice: Hearing it, taking care of it, and moving it into the world in ways that feel safe and accessible. 


My work sits in the gentle, yet potent, middle place. Meaning: It is non-dogmatic, welcoming, and moves at the pace of presence and attunement (rather than going for a big catharsis or adoption of any extreme practice). 

What you will get in working with me is an opportunity to experience a different healing process than what is frequently offered in talk therapy. It is 

outside of the psychoanalytic realm, the cognitive behavioral realm, the purely spiritual realm, and outside of traditional mental health services. 


While my work is not at all “anti” any of these approaches (and is in fact inclusive of them), my 20years in the field have led me to supporting people with experiential nervous system regulation in tandem with their own inquiries about how they can cultivate the life they genuinely want. 


As a result of this work, my clients typically report a sense of re-emergence into a more livable and enjoyable life.

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Claudia Vanessa Manley, MA

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I have worked with Claudia on and off for four years so far, many times going months in which I would see her weekly so we could really progress. I believe the length of time I have chosen to invest in myself and our work together is testimony itself to the caliber, quality, and effectiveness of her work. I love her Somatic approach to our work. I truly believe the body or "soma" is a terrific way to approach my healing work. She is also deeply intuitive, wise beyond her years, empowering and weaves in years of experience from other modalities and training. Everyone's life is different, but Claudia is excellent at tuning into exactly what you need. With NO reservation I highly recommend her. You will know if you're the right fit for each other and like me, it might just be one of the best things you've ever done for yourself and your life.


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